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working method

Inclusive working method

The inclusive working method of Pleiade will bring a new sense of involvement to your colleagues and makes optimal use of the knowledge, ideas and opinions within your organisation by means of interviews, workshops and group discussions. Pleiade consultants do not pose as experts who tell you ‘how to do it’, but they will in cooperation with you and your colleagues carry out your project. This will ensure a good basis from which to present and implement the results and conclusions of the project within the organisation.


Pleiade strives to bring a refreshing and original approach to every assignment. Each assignment will be analysed carefully and a tailor-made plan will be designed in good consultation with the client.


Pleiade consultants have had very difficult assignments, but they have always come up with an answer. Offering resourceful solutions, keeping up a good communication with the client and working from an indestructible and contagious optimism.


Personal and pleasant is essential to Pleiade: building a good relationship with you and your colleagues will also bring out the human aspects in the project.
This not only makes the work more pleasant: it is at the same time effective in creating consensus.


Each assignment is carried out in a most accurate way by Pleiade. It is because of its ample experience with the working method described here and the expertise gained in a number of areas that Pleiade can with confidence call itself an expert.


Do you think this is all rather woolly talk about inclusive working methods and so on? Pleiade understands very well that clients only return if results are useful. Pleiade works with a clear purpose in mind and in a result-oriented way in order to achieve an excellent result in as little time as possible. And these results are of course useful and applicable: Pleiade consultants are experienced in line management and their thinking and acting is based who on these experiences.