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Maurits van der Graaf
senior consultant

Maurits has gained ample experience through diverse consultancy assignments in information services, science, education and in the cultural sector. Before Pleiade, he held various management positions in publishing, in library and documentation institutes and in public education. The positions he has occupied include those of Director of the Dutch Influenza Foundation, the Dutch Agency for Current Research Information and Deputy Director of the Netherlands Institute of Scientific Information Services. He is profiled by the following these keywords:

open-minded: Maurits is open-minded about information from all sides, about alternatives, unexpected connections and alliances. Has the ability to dissociate himself from his own thoughts and judgements.

process-sensitive : allows people to think for themselves, has an eye for their needs and interests and is able to create the space in which ideas and visions can be exchanged, generating energy and commitment with employees and external parties.

skill to analyse and synthesize: takes stock, builds structures, sets a course and reaches a verdict. Formulates a target using the voice of the organization. Puts this lucidly in writing. Is able to sell the targets easily to the people who have supplied the information.

committed: Maurits creates commitment by taking every input serious and through showing that it is being used. Through paying attention to individual issues and encouraging people to profit from each other’s skills and qualities he generates team spirit.

purposeful, energetic, pragmatic: it is with a determined and creative resourcefulness that he then pursues the widely supported goal. If he can’t get there one way, he’ll try another. He refuses to be caught out, he will not question his targets when things go against him. He therefore achieves results, lets his team share in the success and thus maintains a high-level commitment.